Two Observations

Layoff-uary 2024 has left me with two profound revelations.
Read to the end, because there is job hunt advice in here.
The search for my next role has emboldened and encouraged me in ways I never thought possible. Seven interviews and four catch up calls this week alone. I’m proud of my hustle. I’m grateful for so many taking an interest in me. Through all these conversations, I see the same things over and over.
1. The industry is rallying around the people caught up in this big RIF like never before. The sympathy and kindness I have seen from recruiters and hiring managers is profound. People want to help. They are trying so hard to help. When I see that, it fills me with so much hope, and I know it’s going to be okay for everyone affected.
2. If you have been impacted, people can hear you’re hurting. The bitterness, frustration, and even more negative emotions come through in your tone of voice, your choice of words, even your posture on a video call. I know you’re not directing this negativity at the people you’re interviewing with, who are trying to help you, but you might be inadvertently aiming it in their direction. Remember, these folks want to help you. They want you to be the perfect candidate for their open role. Show them the positivity and kindness that they are showing you. It will help your search, trust me.

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